Local Insurance Services to meet all your local needs… My family has been living and working in Brandon for over 40 years, and when it comes to insurance in our neck of the woods, there is no better choice!

We know that times are tough; we know that Homeowner’s Insurance can be a challenge in the Brandon area, and we know that insurance expenses seem to constantly be on the rise. We’re here to help! Briggs Family Insurance Services is a full scale insurance agency designed with a local attitude in mind. We have the companies and the tools necessary to meet any and all insurance needs with optimum savings to you and your family.

Whether your auto insurance has taken one too many rate increases or your homeowners insurance company is non-renewing because they aren’t committed to your home state; give us a call today… we may just be able to help!

Maybe you have a baby on the way or know someone that does, maybe lately you’ve been questioning your family’s security long after you pass; today is the day to call and learn how life insurance and proper financial management can better your family’s financial situation now and long down the road


Brett Briggs
Brett BriggsOwner
Lisa Jensen
Lisa JensenRetention Specialist
Alicia Cunningham
Alicia CunninghamSales Agent
Cindy FitzgeraldSales Agent
Megan BodineCSR

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