Collector Car Insurance

Briggs Family Insurance takes pride in insuring your most valuable possessions. We have great relationships with a variety of providers whom are ready to insure your risks appropriately. Whether it’s an Exotic Automobile, a Muscle Car, an Antique, or a Rare vehicle we have the product for you. Insuring this investment on a standard automobile policy doesn’t fully protect your investment. Contact us today, and we’ll protect your most valuable possession.

Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Whether you’re out on the water cruising, fishing, jet boating, or sailing away, you want to know you’re covered in the event of an emergency! There are a few discounts you may qualify for on your boaters insurance policy that could save you some money such as; the Boat Safety Course Discount, Multi Policy Discount, Original Owner Discount, and Being a Homeowner Discount. Liability and property damage are the two main types of coverage for boat insurance.

We offer Bodily Injury Liability – This coverage pays for expenses due to an injury to others from an accident you caused. Medical bills, pain and suffering, defense costs and lost wages may all be covered.

Property Damage Liability – This coverage can pay costs from damage to other property from an accident you caused. This could be damage to another boat, dock or other structure.

Physical Damage – This covers damage to your own boat and its trailer. For example, if you hit a dock and your boat got damaged, the cost of repairing it would be covered.

There are other optional coverage’s for your boat that we’d be happy to discuss with you for your personal quote. These are all important things to consider when looking at boat insurance. At Briggs Family Insurance we do our best to make sure you are getting the most coverage on your boat insurance along with the most affordable cost!

Mobile Home Insurance

Insuring a Mobile Home in Florida can be tough!

Don’t worry, with Briggs Family Insurance agents in your corner you can relax while they work through the underwriting battles for you. Mobile Home policies cover your personal belongings, any detached structures, your liability and your living expenses in the event a covered loss occurs.

If you have a Mobile Home, Modular Home or a Manufactured Home give us a call and protect your investment with a Mobile Home Policy through Briggs Family Insurance. Our agents will take care of your home as if it were theirs.

Motorcycle Insurance

Choosing the right Motorcycle Insurance can be a strenuous task if you don’t have adequate knowledge and can lead to high cost. Briggs Family Insurance will help you get the cheapest motorcycle insurance that has the most coverage. Our experience means we know the market and which companies offer the most affordable rates for the best coverage. Some of these aspects companies look at when deciding on the specific policy rates are; the model of the motorcycle, how it used, whether it is a new or an old bike, and the age of the driver or drivers. Often, the area in which the customer is living is included in a higher premium category – this could lead to a higher premium amount. Also, the habits of the driver are taken into account – for instance, accident history could lead to a higher premium. These are some of the guidelines the insurance company will look at when finding the correct policy. Give us a call, or stop by for a free quote. We will do our best to find you the most affordable policy with the best coverage.

Motor Home and RV Insurance

Fulfilling the dream of owning a Motor Home and traveling the country takes hard work. It’s an investment well worth protecting. Legally you’re required to maintain insurance for registration purposes, however the Motorhome can be expensive. Motorhome and RV insurance covers more than just your liability on the road, it can also cover your personal belongings and breakdowns depending on your needs. Talk to our agents for a quote that would cover most potential losses you are concerned about.

Whether you purchase an RV, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer or Motorhome, Briggs Family Insurance has a solution for you!